Employee Performance Redefined


Our Approach

Organizations know when employee health improves, business results improve.  Uncovering the underlying causes of healthcare spend and trends, and its flow-through operational impact has been impossible until now.  In today’s market, many wellness companies can generate initial interest, but few deliver sustained improved health.  COR not only delivers sustainable impact, but delivers measurable and dollar denominated results.


COR links employee health to organizational performance by targeting specific metrics.  We develop a tailored strategy, using our onsite professionals to deliver convenient, custom programs, focused on measuring results for each participant.  Our methodology, our approach, and our experience opens an opportunity to drive company loyalty and commitment to new levels.  Driving positive changes with participants creates a unique bond that translates to long lasting client partnerships and corporate unity.   

What We Are Solving For

Wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. Many organizations claim to have a wellness program, when most are simply offering cholesterol testing, digital fitness tracking or ad hoc classes.  They are rarely an integrated and accepted part of normal business, and seldom achieve improved results.  What do they all lack?  Accountability and a high-touch engagement and coaching relationship. Being onsite with our two practitioners, Chiropractor and Wellness Coach changes that dynamic and allows our teams to engage at a personal level. 

Our Leadership Team

With more than 60 years of cumulative executive experience helping companies perform better, our team has a breadth of clinical and business experience with some of the most recognized company names in healthcare and commerce.