Results Driven

Measuring results in every area of the COR model builds a complete picture of health.  Measuring a client’s performance to operations, claim cost, and engagement allow us to take a deeper look at health and performance through segmented demographics. During the course of normal operations, COR professionals are working to improve the workplace and limit downtime.

Why It Works

  • Versatile and scalable for location and size.

  • Being onsite, where people spend most of their time, creates the unique bond with the practitioners and participants.

  • We support top performers while engaging the employees that have the most room
    for improving.

  • We focus on outcome based care and measure the results along the way.

Measure Everything

Providing proactive outcome based care to employees where they spend the majority of time- at
work- drives the success of our program.  COR has perfected a “wellness strategy” that delivers personal results to every employee and strategically delivers on specific business metrics which impacts:

  • Healthcare Claims – less sick days, quicker recoveries, less trips to the doctor

  • Operational Performance – healthy people working and performing

  • Employee Engagement – creating ownership, pride, and sense of quality

Results Driven

Data Analytics

COR provides comprehensive data analysis which may require collaboration with human resource teams, brokers and 3rd party administrators on a quarterly basis to report on relevant data.






  • Engagement Surveys

  • Retention/Voluntary Turnover

  • Recruiting Trends            

  • Engagement Impact Analysis

  • Cost of Turnover

Employee Engagement

Healthcare Spend

  • Overall Health Spend Trends    

  • Demographic trending            

  • Top 10 Conditions by Cost 
    & Prevalence

  • Spouse & Dependent
    Health Spend Analysis

  • Top Medications by Cost 
    & Utilization Rates

  • Future Opportunity 

Workforce Productivity

  • Turnover Rates

  • Recruitment Costs

  • Absentee Rates                

  • Safety Logs and Injury Numbers

Operational Performance

  • Productivity Analysis

  • Total Preventable Lost Days
    with Cost

  • Cost of Turnover

  • MOD Rate Impact Analysis

  • Total Impact to Bottom Line