Healthy People Improve Business Performance

Keys to Onsite Success

COR understands that to deliver our wellness services successfully, we must show success at a personal level. To be successful in the onsite business model, we must be knowledgeable, flexible, and adaptable to an organization’s operations and goals.  We must help our client organizations become more successful if we are to build lasting relationships.  Our client development strategy and approach is a sound roadmap for success. 

Understanding Client Culture

  • We become part of the organization, walking a mile in their shoes first

  • We learn all challenges and stresses of all jobs, and the people who do them

  • We create collaboration across all levels, and gain deep insight into hierarchy

Integration Without Disruption

  • We learn the flow of operations, targets, and what keeps customers satisfied

  • We champion client values and key value messages

  • We integrate services that are affordable, and limit impact to daily operations

  • We reinforce the company commitment to performance and safety

Creating Trust

  • We honor confidentiality, and we follow up daily

  • We build trust with our actions by creating personal paths and walking with them

  • We reach the middle 60%, the people who need the help but aren’t asking

  • We celebrate success, and champion effort

"I had never seen a chiropractor before. The Dr. put all my concerns to rest
and quickly earned my trust.  He proved how much better I could feel when 
everything is properly aligned and moving well.  Now my chronic headaches and
daily heartburn have decreased to almost non-existent."

“Since I’ve been with the program, I’ve changed my eating habits, added to my
exercise regimen, learned how to make better choices so I feel better both mentally
and physically. I also truly appreciate the ability to have on-site
chiropractic appointments. These appointments have helped tremendously with
areas of pain that have been haunting me for several years.”