Leading By Example 


Our Leadership Team

Jerry’s passion to understand the essence of employee performance has been paramount to his success developing teams domestically and internationally.  He works to build great teams of professionals from all walks of life, and teaches them how to integrate and leverage their expertise to deliver better business results. He coaches leaders to win in business by making their teams stronger, more agile, and more profitable.  Jerry leverages over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Business Development across a variety of different business models, office and manufacturing environments, healthcare platforms, and employee engagement challenges. His three passions are art, travel, and healthy living.  While working hard and awaiting his next adventure, he relaxes and recharges in the studio.  Jerry enjoys a diverse set of healthy outdoor activities such as; biking, hiking, fishing, and running.

Jerry Curtin – General Manager

Jamie Howard – VP of Sales and Marketing

An accomplished executive in the sales and management arena, Jamie’s strategic approach is to work to understand a client and their business challenges and develop solutions to achieve their business objectives. Jamie’s experience centers on coaching, training and developing corporate sales teams and business strategies for employee health, safety and engagement initiatives.  His leadership experience includes team building, high-volume contract negotiations and C-Suite relations within service industries.


Outside work Jamie spends time with his wife and three children and has a passion for outdoor activities and sports.  He continues to balance career
and family, while also making time to coach youth sports and volunteer in
the community.

Andy Carlson – VP of Operations

Andy’s career in technology and business consulting, working with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, focused on improved business performance. His solid business improvement foundation led him to work on modernizing the healthcare industry, where he spent more than a dozen years optimizing healthcare delivery for both hospitals and large integrated health systems. 
Andy leverages his extensive skills in people, process, technology, and data analytics to help clients identify the opportunities, implement and manage the solutions, and ultimately capture the inherent value generated from investing in the health and wellness of their workers.  Andy stays active coaching his three kids’ various sports teams. His go-to exercise activities are running and biking, while playing golf or making music are his favorite ways to unwind.

Dr. Bryan Muth is an accomplished chiropractor and on-site wellness professional. He has been serving employees as an on-site chiropractor for over 7 years.  Dr. Muth’s initial priority is to get to know the person and gain an understanding of their individual health goals. His wellness approach centers on restoring and optimizing the body’s structure and function, promoting healthy nutrition, and improving physical fitness, while also providing sound health and wellness education. 

Dr. Muth graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida, and along with his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) license he maintains several other licenses and certifications in the areas of corporate wellness, nutrition counseling, strength and conditioning, and more. As a pioneer in the field of chiropractic employee wellness, his published works, speaking engagements and on-site protocols continue to help advance the profession.    In his personal life, Dr. Muth spends time with his family training for fitness competitions and cooking healthy meals. He practices the lifestyle he preaches to his patients and strives to provide a positive role model to his wife and son.

Dr. Bryan Muth – Director of Clinical Services