Successful Businesses Know Every Employee Matters

Maximizing the Journey from Health to Performance

We are passionate professionals who have decades of collective leadership experience driving business performance through the fundamental philosophy that “every employee matters.”  We lean on our history in evaluating operational performance metrics and align with Human Resources teams to strategically integrate our proactive healthcare approach into daily operations.  We strive to improve the health of employees, the organizations they serve, and the communities they live in. 


There is nothing new about Wellness Programs since they have been around for over 25 years. While they are more popular than ever, they still struggle to deliver results.  COR is changing the way organizations view wellness and are now expecting the Wellness Program to impact business results while improving employee health.  We are quickly becoming a leader in the wellness industry because companies want these results, individuals need programs that work, doctors want to practice this way and communities need this support to prosper.