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How We Do It

COR views health through a framework of three essential elements to achieve positive health impact, which drive all our operations. This Trinity of Health, as we call it, consists of Structural Health, Metabolic Health, and Cognitive Health. These three fundamental elements of health combine to offer a multitude of opportunities for improvement, as progress in one area often fosters further improvement in one or both other areas, creating a positive feedback loop.  This allows us to focus on simple areas and simple tasks, that will motivate people to make successful and sustainable change for a significant positive impact.


The COR onsite model places two key healthcare professionals onsite to cover all services: 
a Chiropractor and a Wellness Coach. 

Our board certified and fully licensed chiropractors are specialized health and wellness practitioners focused on proactively identifying and alleviating built up stress and dysfunction in the body, which left untreated would lead to disease and breakdown. They are also licensed in nutrition and certified in ergonomics, both critical components to overall health and wellbeing. With over 4,000 hours studying in classrooms, labs, and clinical internships on topics such as anatomy and physiology, doctors of chiropractic are uniquely qualified to teach people about the body. Offering much more than physical adjustments, our chiropractors help people stay active, safe and injury-free.

Our highly-trained wellness coaches are skilled in facilitating positive change among individuals, groups, and entire organizations. Not only do they guide, motivate, and support program participants’ wellness journeys, but they also ensure the success of the wellness program’s daily operations by partnering with the HR team. They utilize their training in HR policies and procedures, and work collaboratively to execute the program.  Ongoing communications and community outreach are inherent to the value add COR delivers. Technical coaching skills include certifications may include nutrition, occupational therapy, fitness, and psychology.

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